Slapform is the form backend for you.

Create unlimited forms for static sites and never worry about building another backend.

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Who is Slapform for?

Slapform is perfect for static sites or any site without an actual backend.

Endlessly customizable

Slapform can work as hard as you do. Customize Slapform to your needs without feeling restricted by any limitations.

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The problem with static sites

The main issue with static sites is that, since the websites are completely client-side and contain no server-side code, it's impossible to implement simple features like contact forms. Dynamic features, contact forms, and checkout systems are absolutely necessary for most websites.

Slapform allows you to embed these kinds of forms into your static website.

No Server-Side Coding Required

Yes, it can be easy to create a simple backend for a form. But managing the backend and keeping it secure is time-consuming. And on top of that, you need a backend for every website you have.

Slapform gives you the freedom to build the other more important parts of your site—managing a backend requires maintenance, dynamic hosting, PHP webservers, and server-side programming.

  • Focus on creating a great site
  • Don't get caught up writing another form backend
  • Enjoy the benefits of secure cloud storage for your form

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