Response Error Codes

Error codes can be seen in the response email you receive on all submissions and in JSON response if you have a JavaScript form.

Error codes overview

Some errors are fatal and will stop the submission from being saved or emailed to you, while others are simply warnings and will not affect the submission.

Error codes reference

Here are all of the error codes so you can reference and fix anything that's wrong with your form.

Code Level Description
4000 fatal No valid form id, Slapform account, or email provided
4001 fatal You cannot use this Slapform account
4100 warning Your submission contained a name trigger that your current plan is not allowed to use
4101 fatal Submission is too large
4102 fatal This Slapform account has used up all available submissions for the month
4103 fatal This submission was detected to be spam and not submitted
4104 fatal This submission could not be located from the database
4200 fatal Error sending email
4201 fatal This email is blocked
4300 warning Error sending webhook
5000 fatal Unknown server error