Response Error Codes

Error codes can be seen in in the JSON response if you use AJAX and/or in the response email you receive on all submissions (form and AJAX).

Error Codes

Some errors are fatal and will stop the submission from being saved or emailed to you, while others are simply warnings and will not affect the submission.

Code Type Definition
1000 Warning Invalid use of name trigger. Your submission contained a name trigger but you need a different plan to use this feature.
1001 Warning slap_debug enabled. This deactivates emails and webhooks but also won't affect your submission count for this period, so it's great for testing!
5000 Error Unsupported request type. Slapform only accepts POST requests.
5001 Error No Slapform account provided. A valid email/account ID is required when using Slapform.
5002 Error Slapform account does not exist. You won't see this error unless you try to use an account ID (instead of an email) during submission and that account ID is not valid. You can view your account ID on
5003 Error Error retrieving Slapform account. A fatal error occured when retrieving the Slapform account. This is a rare error, please contact us if you recieve this.
5100 Error Submission is too large. To see size limits of submissions, please review our pricing plans.
5101 Error No submissions left. You have used all of your submissions this period. To see monthly submission limits, please review our pricing plans.
5200 Error Spammy submission. This submission was detected to be spam and not submitted. This can be caused by automatic detection, the submitter failing to solve the captcha, or if the submission contains slap_honey, an Advanced Name Trigger.
5300 Error Error sending email. The email provided may have bounced or there may be a problem with the server. Please contact us if you receive this error.
5301 Warning Error sending webhook. The webhook url provided may be incorrect or offline.
5400 Error Error saving submission to database. Please contact us if you receive this error.